Homeless couple need help to wed

Daniel Kepkiy, 28, and Amber September, 32, are planning to marry.

A Kuils River activist has launched a public appeal to help a homeless couple get married tomorrow, Tuesday October 20.

Amber September, 32 and Daniel Kepkiy, 28, say it was “love at first site” when they met almost a year ago..

Amber says she walked into a shopping centre where she saw Daniel and was captivated by his smile.

“We locked eyes and as an excuse, I always asked people if they need something from the shop just so that I could see him,” she said.

Daniel proposed two weeks ago in their makeshift shack along Van Riebeeck Road and Amber “jumped for joy.”

“He didn’t have a ring to give me but he asked with tears in eyes on bended knees and that was enough for me,” said Amber.

Daniel said he prayed for a good woman and Amber seals the deal.

“When I saw her, I just knew she is the one for me,” he said.

Community activist Dawn Rhoode said the unemployed couple attended her daily feeding scheme and when they told her their story she wanted to help them.

“We cannot save the world but helping these two people can change their situation,” she said.

Ms Rhoode wants to hold a lunch for the couple once they have said their vows, and she has appealed for public support to provide the couple with toiletries, hair stylists, sleepwear and clothes. Call Ms Rhoode at 072 697 7346 if you would like to help.