Goodwood preparatory school flooded

De Vrijzee Preparatory School was left flooded last week.

Pupils at De Vrijzee Preparatory School in Goodwood were shocked to find their school flooded on Friday June 1, due to an overnight downpour.

Millicent Merton, spokeswoman for the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), said the flooding had happened in the early hours of Friday June 1.

“Parents who dropped their children off at school were requested to take the pupils home if there was supervision at home. The rest of the children were accommodated at school,” she said.

Ms Merton said the school had applied for emergency repairs.

“The Department of Public Works intervened by opening stormwater channels. Public Works will help with the way forward,” she added.

She said the school hall, all the ground-floor passages, all the ground-floor classrooms, two first-floor classrooms as well as the school’s courtyards had been flooded. Close to 200 pupils were housed in the hall at De Vrije Zee Primary School and the school re-opened on Monday June 4.

Charlotte Powell, spokeswoman for the City’s Disaster Risk Management Centre, said on Friday June 1 that the department had cleared most of the roadways and unblocked drains across the city.

Ms Powell said Parow, Ravens- mead and Belhar clinics had been closed because of flooding. “Patients were referred to other nearby facilities,” she said.