Goodwood, Parow Valley pools closed for repairs

The Goodwood municipal pool is closed for repairs.

Both the Goodwood and Parow Valley municipal pools remain closed for repairs.

Patricia van der Ross, the mayoral committee member for community services and health, says the delay at the Goodwood pool is due to the need for further repairs and issues with the plant room, pipework, chlorination system, dosing units and servicing of pumps and motors.

At the Parow Valley pool, problems with the incoming main water line and the need for repairs in the plant room and adjustments to water circulation are causing the postponement.

“Additionally, the required water quality must be achieved before opening to the public to ensure these facilities can operate optimally throughout the season. This decision prioritises public safety,” she said.

Both swimming pools were initially scheduled to open on Friday November 24, but Ms Van der Ross said the nature of the work that still had to be done meant an exact opening date could not be given.

“The City sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused and assures the public that these facilities will open as soon as the repairs have been effected and the pools are safe to use by the public,” she said.