Goodwood cops nab cellphone thieves

Police arrested a 27-year-old man at an accident scene in Goodwood after finding he had allegedly been driving a stolen car.

Constable Dudley Ryk was at the crash scene, on the corner of Voortrekker Road and Spencer Street, on Thursday April 12, at 8pm, when he ran a check on one of the cars and found it had been stolen in Milnerton in December last year.

“He smelled a rat when he noticed that the licence disc of one of the vehicles, a white Mercedes Benz, had expired,” said Goodwood police spokesman Captain Waynne Theunis.

The suspect appeared in Goodwood Magistrate’s Court on a charge of being in the possession of a stolen car.

Police arrested two suspected muggers on Monday April 16 at about 5.50am after a man had his cellphone stolen.

Minutes after being mugged by two men who fled on foot with his Samsung cellphone, the victim stopped patrolling police officers Sergeant Andre Brand and Constable Anthea Millward.

The officers arrested two suspects, aged 23 and 26, in Station Road and recovered the cellphone, said Captain Theunis.