Go well ADSL. Move to Vuma and never look back!

Go well ADSL. Move to Vuma and never look back!

Whether you’re working remotely, studying from home, or need to make staying indoors more engaging and entertaining for the whole family, there’s never been a better time to move to Vuma Fibre Core.

But what’s all the fuss with fibre, you may be asking – especially when there seems to be so many other options on the market that promise fast, uncapped internet at great prices? Understanding the different connectivity types and which one is best for your home can be overwhelming, so here’s a quick and simple description of each.

ADSL vs LTE vs fibre

If you have a landline in your home, chances are that you’ve been using an ADSL line to connect to the internet. This connection, which uses the same copper cabling as your landline telephone, is being phased out as this technology has become outdated and is inadequate for our modern internet needs. 

Downloading, streaming and watching live TV and video needs a stable and reliable internet connection to prevent buffering and lag from ruining the viewing experience, and ADSL simply doesn’t make the cut. Because of this, it’s no longer an option for South African internet users and it will soon be making its way out the door for good. 

We won’t bore you with the technical stuff when it comes to what LTE is and how it works but, basically, all you need to know is that it delivers the internet to your home using cellular data networks and signal towers. 

As such, much like the mobile internet experience on your phone, the quality of an LTE internet experience depends on where your home is located on the LTE coverage map. Poor weather conditions also adversely affect how and when you’re able to access the internet, which can be a bit of a schlepp given South Africa’s wide range of weather patterns in a single day.  

And this brings us to fibre connectivity – the fast, reliable, and affordable way to connect your home to new worlds of opportunity, entertainment, and information – with zero hassle.

Because of its super-speedy download rates, fibre gives families the freedom to stream, download, browse the internet and social media, and game like there’s no tomorrow – all at the same time. This is because Vuma Fibre Core is unshaped, unthrottled and uncapped. In human terms, that means you won’t have to worry about your line speed dropping or dying on you completely, no matter how much you use it.  It’s faster than any other type of internet connection, which means you won’t have to wait a whole day for a movie or series to download. In fact, downloading a 5 gigabyte movie takes a few minutes! Fibre also gives you unlimited internet access so surfing the internet all day won’t leave you without data or the need to top up at home.

Signing up is easy – simply go to www.vumatel.co.za/coverage and check to see where your home is located on the Vuma coverage map. If you fall within the coverage area, hooray! Now you can browse fibre internet packages from 55 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on our network to find the one that fits your unique budget and lifestyle.