Reddam pupils excel

Tara Hall with Rizqah Hassiem.
Two pupils from Reddam House in Durbanville, Rizqah Hassiem and Tara Hall, both 18, have received Cambridge International Outstanding Learner Awards for their marks in their AS level exams, taken last year, for maths and English, respectively.

The awards are given annually to pupils who participate in AS level subjects as opposed to regular A-level subjects.

By taking the AS level subjects pupils can take extra classes to better prepare for tertiary studies.

Rizqah, who won the award for maths, said she enjoyed the subject.

She is studying actuarial science at Stellenbosch University.

Tara, who won the award for English, is taking a gap year and volunteering at SA Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCOB).

Later in the year, she plans to travel.

She said she had been an avid reader from a young age.

“A week was not complete without a trip to the local library, where I would use both mine and my mom’s library cards to check out 10 books at a time.”

Both pupils were notified on Thursday April 11 that they had received the awards. The prize giving is in June.

“Both of my parents are exceptionally proud of me, and we celebrated with a sushi dinner that night,” said Tara.

“Rizqah and I are close friends, and we could not be happier for one another – it’s nice to share such an experience with a friend.”

Rizqah thanked her parents, two older brothers and close family for their support.

“My mother cried when she heard the news, my brother baked me a cake to celebrate and both my parents took to their cellphones to spread the news to all our friends and family.”

Reddam House principal Barry Nieuwoudt said the school was thrilled to have two pupils receive the award this year.