Get on board with local fund-raiser

A fun day held by Blue Bus Ministries in Delft.

A charity that helps to cover the costs of schooling, university tuition and other basic needs for children in Delft will hold a fund-raiser concert at Durbanville High School later this month.

Dr Izanette van Schalkwyk, of Durbanville, founded Blue Bus Ministries eight years ago to help children reach their full potential in a neighbourhood plagued by substance abuse, domestic abuse and poverty.

She rolled out her first project at Hindle High School, after getting an old bus from Intercape, which was, at first, used as a meeting place for pupils. Dr Van Schalkwyk said that for many of the pupils the bus provided a private space — something they did not have at home.

Blue Bus now has several projects, including one helping pregnant pupils finish school, at 13 schools in the area. In 2015, Dr Van Schalkwyk arranged a fund-raiser for three of her pupils who won full bursaries.

But while their fees were covered, other basic needs weren’t, so she organised a concert and raised enough money to help the pupils.

“These pupils know what it is to be resilient and committed. They are good pupils and have gone on to be leaders at their respective universities,” she said.

Pupils from six schools will take part in the next concert at Durbanville High School auditorium, on Friday January 27, at 6.30pm, when some of the project’s beneficiaries will also share their stories. Included in the line-up is Heinz Winckler, who will perform songs from his new album, The Roar, as well as the South African Youth Choir. Tickets can be booked through Webtickets.