George and Annie Starck Homes turns 50

The George and Annie Starck Homes, in Bellville, marked its 50th anniversary late last month.

The welfare organisation has 10 houses, each accommodating 10 residents and a separate frail-care facility for about 60 patients. The manor house, Oosterzee, is the centre of all activities at the home and was originally the residence of the Starck family.

Master of ceremonies and actor André Jacobs said George Starck had been a humble man with great vision who left behind a “good legacy”. Guests dressed up to represent the era in which the homes came into existence, and there were even one or two flower children to be seen.

Among the guests were Dr Keith Lourens and his wife, Pam, the son and daughter-in-law of the first manager of the homes as well as the chairman of the trustees, Robin Campbell.

In 2005 the construction of a life-rights retirement village started on the same premises.