Gang violence upset plan to replace Scottsdene’s pipes, says Limberg

Scottsdene’s water pipes are more than 40 years old and will now be replaced, according to mayoral committee Xanthea Limberg.

Scottsdene’s water pipes are as old as the neighbourhood, built in 1976, and City plans to replace them were upset by ongoing gang violence there, says Xanthea Limberg, mayoral committee member for water and waste.

Ms Limberg spoke to the Northern News after Ward 7 councillor Grant Twigg submitted an exigency motion in Sub-council 2, calling for the overhaul of the City’s water pipes and associated infrastructure.

Mr Twigg recommended City officials send the motion and feedback to all sub-councils.

The City has spent more than R200 000 on repairing Scottsdene’s water pipes in the past two months, according to Ms Limberg.

Plans to start replacing the pipes earlier this year were postponed because of gang violence and threats to staff and contractors, she said.

“Provisions have been made in the project for security assistance while work is under way,” she said.

Two pipe-replacement projects were planned for the next two financial years, she said.

There had been 14 water-pipe bursts and leakages in Scottsdene since July, she said.

“In Scottsdene, these bursts are affecting a wider area than usual due to safety risks to our staff. In some streets/areas where a pipe bursts and it is too dangerous to access the nearest shut-off valves, the water supply is switched off further up the network.

“This is necessary to prevent ongoing water waste until repairs can be done.

“This means many more residents are being affected by each water outage than previous years. This is likely playing a big role in perceptions that the water network is deteriorating as well.”