Furniture store goes up in smoke

This is what remains of the store after the fire.

A raging fire in Bellville completely destroyed the OK Furniture Store on Tuesday June 26.

Theo Layne, fire and rescue services spokesperson, said no one was injured or killed when the store burnt down.

“There’s an investigation to determine what is the real cause of the fire. We do know a group of men were working on the roof with a blow torch. Significant damage was caused to the store, even some furniture burnt, there’s no reason to suspect foul play,” said Mr Layne.

The store, situated outside Middestad Mall, was the only on that was completely destroyed. In a video circulating on social media sites, a number of people can be seen taking furniture items from the store but it’s still not clear whether or not they were looting the items.

The Shoprite Group, which owns the furniture store, did not respond to questions about the fire by the time edition went to print.