Food parcel project becomes so much more

A charity in Bellville has supported 15 families over the past three months with help from a campaign run by a fast-food chain.

The families collected food parcels from MES’s office once a week and met with its social workers.

MES’s Clarina Hanekom said the idea had been to bring temporary relief to families facing hardship.

The families also took part in self-worth programmes and worked on business ideas to create sustainable income.

What had started as a food parcel project had become something more.

“Friendships have formed and these sessions gave everyone a platform to share their joys and sorrows,” said Ms Hanekom.

Colleen Adams, from Bellville South, said it hadn’t been necessary for her to ask for help from others because of the project.

The family of five’s income is limited to her husband’s disability
grant and welfare grants for her children.

“It took a huge burden off my shoulders, and I wasn’t stressed or moody during this time. I am very thankful,” she said.

During the last session on Wednesday May 31, MES’s Anelle Erasmus worked with the women on their future plans. Some said they wanted to open spaza shops, do needlework or sell jewellery; another one planned to expand her home-baking business.