Fisantekraal youth making a difference

Beyond Isigela members, from left, Tanga Masinqule, Nandipha Mthwa and Sandiso Deyi.

Some young people in Fisantekraal are trying to make their community a better place to live by helping its most vulnerable with the basics.

Beyond Isigela has 11 young members who are helping the needy with groceries, clothing, medical supplies and financial assistance.

The seven-month-old organisation launched the #HelpTheNeedy campaign after its members saw the needs in the community while they were doing outreach work on Mandela Day on Monday July 18.

The campaign organises groups or individuals to deliver their services to people who need them most.

“After talking with our members, we decided to launch this campaign, aimed at bridging the gap and helping to bring some relief to the Fisantekraal community.

“We went around collecting donations and household items from the community and local shops, who were very supportive of this initiative,” said secretary, Tanga Masinqule.

Beyond Isigela dropped off the donations on Saturday July 23 and managed to get a new ceiling for a family of three, who share a one-bedroom wendy house.

“We want to be a beacon of hope in our community. The youth in the area have a lot of energy, but this is being channelled in the wrong direction.

“By redirecting this energy, we can win the fight against poverty and help to develop the community,” said chairman, Sandiso Deyi.

The organisation believes Fisantekraal is just the start. It wants to branch out into other communities.

“There is a lack of youth organisations and activities in our area, which leaves the youth roaming the streets with no direction.

“Our biggest challenge is to get the youth and other organisations involved. We need people to be actively involved and take hands with us,” said member Nandipa Mthwa.

Ms Mthwa has lived in Fisantekraal her entire life. She said there are difficulties spreading information in the community.

“We are usually not informed about activities taking place in the area, only afterwards you would hear that there was a workshop or that an activity took place. The youth often miss out on a lot of opportunities,” she said.

Beyond Isigela’s mission is to coordinate what they refer to as the “four pillars”: government, faith-based groups, businesses and NPOs.

“We want to be an instrument of change in our community. The opportunities are out there, but we also need to be prepared for these opportunities.

“We are not promising to give the youth anything but rather to equip them for a better tomorrow,” said Mr Masinqule.