Fisantekraal children schooled on safety

The Mosselbank River Conservation Team (MRCT) hosted a fun-filled fire safety awareness and education day for Fisantekraal children together with Durbanville’s Fire and Rescue Services on Saturday March 24.

The initiative, which forms part of the broader Greenville Environmental Education Programme running in Fisantekraal, drew about 100 children from the community and focused on various aspects of fire safety, including care with electrical connections, prevention of veld fires, and treating smoke inhalation and minor burns.

The Greenville Environmental Education Programme was launched in July last year by Garden Cities, Danielle Sterrenberg from Garden Cities said veld fires were an ongoing challenge during the summer months along the Mosselbank River corridor and surrounding open fields of Fisantekraal.

“Some of the fires are started deliberately but often the fire is spontaneous and linked to widespread litter in the area (especially paper, glass and plastic), much of which is as a result of illegal dumping. Education and action to prevent veld fires is an important focus for the Greenville MRCT, and we would like to thank the City’s Durbanville Fire Station crew for supporting us,” she said.

Ms Sterrenberg said the aim was to educate the children on the dangers of fire which includes getting burnt and inhaling smoke, as well as loss of infrastructure and property such as livestock, buildings and electricity poles.