Fine-free week at libraries


Fine-free Week at the City’s 104 libraries will coincide with National Book Week, from Monday September 3 to Sunday September 9.

In an attempt to recover a mountain of overdue items, libraries are giving patrons a chance to escape a fine and get back into the good books of their local library by returning the ones they’ve been holding on to.

“Currently, there are more than 20 000 items including books, study guides and DVDs that are long overdue at the City’s libraries, valued at around
R2 million,” said JP Smith, Mayco member for safety and security and social services.

“Staff are spending too many hours trying to track down patrons who checked out the items.

“This is time that could have been spent more productively on direct service delivery. Missing items also deprive others from enjoying them.”

The libraries had recovered more than 6000 items worth more than R280 000 during the last moratorium on fines, earlier this year, he said.

Lostlibrarycardswillalso be replaced at no cost to patrons, during National Book

“While just one item may seem insignificant, it could be that one study guide that a student needs to pass, or the one book that will propel a child into a love of studying,” Mr Smith said.