Feeding the community

Chairperson of Helping Hands Louise Stevenson and vice chairman Steven Taylor handing over soup and bread to the chairperson of the Summer Greens Neighbourhood Watch, Reagan Croesen.

Food being donated at Pick n Pay Plattekloof, as part of the supermarket chain’s Feed the Nation relief fund, is helping the needy during lockdown.

Items dropped in a trolley at the front of the store go to local charities, including the Helping Hands feeding scheme. Its vice chairman, Steven Taylor, of Bothasig, says they collect the donated food once a week for organisations that can distribute it. Helping Hands Louise Stevenson said they have members of the public dropping off donations in trolleys at the local Shoprite in Bothasig and Spar, for the feeding program.

On Saturday April 25 they dropped off a box of food for the Summer Greens Neighbourhood Watch to distribute. Watch chairman Reagan Croesen said they had received some soup and a few loaves of bread which they had given to people in need.

“Times are tough for many due to Covid-19 pandemic. Many people are going hungry or have no funds to purchase toiletries and other essential items,” Mr Taylor said.

The food is either made into parcels or soup and distributed to those who need. 

On Sunday, Mr Taylor delivered soup, bread, tinned food, maize meal, rice, and Jungle Oats to Karien Marais, who is feeding nine families in the Parow area. Helping Hands will be taking items to her weekly that have been donated at Pick n Pay Plattekloof. 

“So we are encouraging people to support our feeding programme as there are many destitute people in our neighbourhood, who are struggling and need assistance during this difficult time,” said Mr Taylor. Each person was screened to check they got the help they needed, he said.

Mr Taylor said the idea came about after Ferdinand Rabie, winner of Big Brother 2001, challenged him to help the hungry. Mr Rabie then attended the launch of the food drive. 

Mr Taylor said Helping Hands also sourced food, toiletries, cleaning materials, and other items from local shopping centres. Some stores also gave bread and ready-made foods that were just past their sell-by date but still edible. 

To assist Helping Hands, contact Steven Taylor at 060 925 0996, or email thesteventaylor@gmail.com