Family workshops in Morningstar

Ward 112 councillor Theresa Uys.

Workshops are being held in Morningstar to strengthen the power of family.

The City’s directorate of social development and early childhood development and the Morningstar Action Group (MAG) are running the workshops, the first of which was held on Thursday March 2 and attended by about 40 people.

The directorate’s Terence Crowster believes the 10-week course will combat many of the social ills plaguing the community.

“You will see a big difference in yourself and your family in the weeks to come. This I can promise you,” he told those at the introductory session, where residents met with the facilitators and heard about what was planned for the weeks ahead.

Mr Howard said the workshops would be fun and interactive, showing parents and children various skills and ways to deal with issues that were common in most households.

Ward 112 councillor Theresa Uys thanked the residents for taking part and encouraged them to see the course through.

“Its not always easy to stay on the right path, but now you’ll have the tools to make the correct choices,” she said.

Ms Uys said she wanted to see Morningstar residents live up to their full potential.

“You need to tell yourself and believe that you are special and that you deserve the best.”

During the coming weeks, residents will be taught communication skills and learn how to deal with alcohol and drug abuse, solve family problems, deal with criticism and anger, and set limits.

The course ends with a graduation ceremony on Saturday May 6 and will include a family outing.

MAG chairman Moosa Raise said the programme would give families new skills and help to build a better society.

“My prayer is that this initiative will help to secure a safer, more responsible environment where our children will be able to achieve greatness in their family structure and wider community,” he said.

The free course takes place every Thursday.