Family attacked in Aurora

Lauren O’Connor-May

A Durbanville man is recovering in hospital after he was shot twice during a house robbery.

The Aurora resident was shot in the arm and upper torso, according to police.

Deon Lourens of Durbanville Medi-Clinic said the man has undergone surgery as a result of his injuries and is currently recovering in the Intensive Care Unit.

Lieutenant Marchell Rhode of Durbanville police said the robbery took place in the early hours of Friday February 26.

“Six men with balaclavas entered the house. When the owner spotted the suspects he called his boerboel dog to attack them,” Lieutenant Rhode said.

“One of the suspects took a firearm and fired three shots at the owner of the house. They wounded him in his left arm and his upper body.”

Lieutenant Rhode said the suspects took two cellphones and fled on foot and that no arrests have been made at this stage.

A post on the Kendal Road Community Facebook Page claimed the robbers fled “in (the) direction the Vineyards”.

Several residents expressed their sympathy for the family. Beth Keytel posted: “This is very concerning. Praying for the recovery of the father who was shot. We all have to be vigilant for one another.”

Sally van Wyk: “Wishing him a good recovery. To the robbers – your day will come.”

Amanda Maes said: “My first thoughts go to the father and the family. I hope he gets well very soon. I hope he gets well very soon.

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“After all we all need to learn a vital lesson on where we can improve our security.”

Brian Chingy Asakuro posted: “The problem is at 2am you are sleeping. By the time you realise something is wrong, it’s too late to get to your firearm and still defend. To complicate things, you have no idea what’s happening with the rest of your family. It’s not as simple as having a firearm. I think there needs to be some training for family to set up communication for these types of situations.” Others expressed concerns about safety in the area and claimed there had been other attempted robberies. Police were unable to confirm any other attempted robberies but Lieutenant Rhode said that they may have been unreported.

He confirmed that a group of opportunistic criminals were moving around Durbanville on foot and using a crowbar to break into homes and stealing small items.