Fairmont’s matrics excel despite Covid

Amy Hine earned high praise as Fairmont High School’s top pupil with a 96.3% aggregate.

Fairmont High School’s matric class of 2020 can toast its successes – it has an 89% Bachelor pass rate and 34 A candidates, despite the impact of a global pandemic.

Deputy principal Morna Esmaraldo praised the class’s efforts. “Well done on facing the challenges of 2020,” she said. “It was a tough year for you, and yet you rose to the occasion and achieved wonderful successes. You have made us proud.”

The class had scooped 442 subject A’s and six pupils had scored above 90%, she said.

“Results have improved between 2019 and 2020 although it was a smaller group but we achieved better averages and distinctions,” she said.

Asked how the matrics and staff and dealt with the Covid-19 crisis, she said: “Fortunately, we are a Google school, and all our Google classrooms were set up in January 2020 – when the pandemic hit and we had to move to online education our staff and learners were trained and ready.”

The teachers had worked tirelessly throughout lockdown to make sure pupils were not left behind, she said.

“Supportive parents ensured that their children worked while at home, and when the learners returned to school, parents had trust in the processes of the school to send them back so that we could continue with a combination of face-to-face and online learning.”

The school hopes to achieve even better results for the class of 2021, but this year also presents its difficulties.

“Completing the curriculum comes with challenges – the content that was trimmed in grade 11 last year must be made up during 2021. Schools already had a late start to the year and the possibility of another lockdown is always looming,” Ms Esmaraldo said.