Face reality about water crisis

D Beelders, Vasco

It is tremendously gracious of Xanthea Limberg to assure us that the threats to high water users plus the increase in water tariffs are not “punitive”, yet still threatening jail terms for repeat or serious offenders (“Water crisis”, Northern News letters, May 31).

And of course, what is the cutting off of water supply to those who suffered underground, undetected water leaks? And those who get billed for “actual reading” when no reading has been taken for years?

Then, miraculously, she defends high users and informal settlements, blaming it on the “average” consumers. These, Ms Limberg, are the suckers who have meters and who the City can target.

To hell with astronomical waste in settlements and building sites, which a top official has confirmed to me are red areas.

She cannot deny that the infrastructure has suffered due to the low pressure and that the economy of the Western Cape has taken a knock. The recent proposals by De Lille and Co are reactive and are going to cost billions. And they are insufficient.

The sinking of boreholes at schools, clinics, hospitals etc, are moronic in the extreme. There is not a sea of fresh water in every square metre under our feet. And the assumed belief by many that there will be water for all through boreholes is madness.

While the City continually pleads for water to be used sparingly, it cannot even itself abide by rules, regulations, pleas. In fact, I hate to think what the future holds for us under the present mob.

It is past the time they raised their snouts from the troughs and faced reality.