Extended trading hours approved

A ward councillor has approved a Parow liquor store’s bid to open on Sundays and extend its trading hours.

Ward 26’s Franchesca Walker told last week’s Sub-council 4 meeting she had made her decision after speaking to the police and warning the owner of Smuggies Liquors to keep the area in and around the store free of crime, grime and homeless people (“Liquor trading extension denied,” Northern News, February 7).

“I am satisfied that the owner will comply, seeing as we previously received objections from the surrounding neighbours,” she said.

The store is open Monday to Saturday, from 11am to 6pm, but it wants to trade until 8pm on those days as well as on Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

* Sub-council 4 chairman Chris Jordaan warned the public not to ease up on water saving now that Day Zero has been pushed back to Monday July 9 following the Groenland water transfer and a drop in citywide demand.

“We cannot accurately predict the volume of rainfall still to come or when it will come,” he said.

The city had had an abnormally low winter rainfall last year and there was no guarantee this year would be any different.

“The only way, we can, stretch our water supplies is to adhere to the 50 litres a person per day water allocation. Our water saving efforts, across the metro, have thus far been our greatest defence against Day Zero,” he said.

* Sub-council 4 will meet again at the Parow municipal building on Friday March 16, at 10am.