Errors in budget

David Beelders, Vasco

Residents will sigh in relief that the 17% to 18% increase for top executives of the DA-led metro council, as proposed in the 2017/ 2018 draft budget, was merely a “typo” error, according to the City’s Mayco member for finance, Johan van der Merwe.

He subsequently apologised for the error.

It’s thanks to the action group, STOP COCT, that a number of gross errors were discovered in the draft.

Mr Van der Merwe had the audacity to state that these would be “corrected” when the final budget is adopted this month.

This is contemptible.

A typical arrogant stance and an indictment of the present mob.

Council is viciously over-staffed, incapable of administering the metro, uses jackboot method in order to satisfy its objectives, and has its own agendas.

It is not just mayor Patricia de Lille but also a large number of “executives” who must go, as well as a number of councillors who are mere voting fodder and care not a damn about the constituents.