Electricity tariffs are unfair

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Barry Richardson, Glenwood

I support the information given by Jill Darvall as published in Northern News of August 16 (“Paying mega bucks for your watts”, Off My Trolley).

We have no alternative to get electricity elsewhere as the City of Cape Town has the monopoly.

The reasons for the increased tariffs, as explained by Johan van der Merwe, mayoral committee member for finance, seem to be suspect.

Eskom is charging R1.1169 per unit ( 0 – 600 kWh consumption) for supply to non-local authority areas such as Kalbaskraal.

A network capacity charge of R2.92 per day is charged. Thus, at maximum consumption of 600kWh for 29 days, the total cost per unit directly supplied by Eskom is R1.43415 inclusive of Vat.

Now compare this to what I am now paying to the City of Cape Town: At maximum consumption of 600 kWh at R1.6912 per unit for 29 days, I pay R1.92796 inclusive of Vat.

I used to pay R0.972289 per unit inclusive of Vat, including 25 free units.

That means the increase is 98.29% which is totally unacceptable and irresponsible of the municipality.

I am already not using my hot water geyser at all, thus I basically have the same situation as any RDP house which can buy electricity as a flat rate.

At the time I bought my house in Glenwood 16 years ago, my municipal valuation was just over R100 000. Now it is valued at just over R800 000.

There is not a house in this area valued at less than R800 000.

I am already 71 years old and cannot afford a solar system, which would cost at least R20 000. I do not get a pension and have to work to make a living.

This increase is thus totally unfair despite what Mr Van der Merwe said that “The City believes this is fair”.

There is no way I can sell my house and try to get another elsewhere for less than the R400 000 municipal valuation.

My situation is thus totally ignored by the City.

The City buys electricity from Eskom in bulk, and gets a very good price, and then sells to the consumers at a profit.

I am of the opinion, due to the reduced income from water, the municipality is making this change to the tariffs based on property values in order to get money from every possible source.

I am highly disgusted by the authorities and ask that they come to their senses as they are financially killing me, as I have no means of increasing my small income.