ECD plans book for Mandela’s birthday

In celebration of what would be former president Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday later this year, the Centre for Early Childhood Development is putting together a Mandela and Children’s book.

They are looking to find people who have photographs or stories of themselves as a child with Mandela or would like to submit a Mandela-themed drawing.

Preferably they would like to receive photos and stories, however if you have a story about meeting Mandela as a child without a photo, they will gladly accept those too.

They are also collecting drawings of Mandela and have approached a number of primary and high schools to participate so far. Drawings can be about anything to do with Mandela. For example, pupils could draw how they imagine Nelson Mandela, a moment they remember about Mandela, something that reflects or represents Mandela, or something that is special about him.

Pupils are asked to put their name and age on their drawings and the centre will choose a few photos and/or stories, and a few drawings to include in the book.

Submissions can be sent to

The deadline for submissions is Thursday March 15. For more information contact Bridget at 021 683 2420.