Easter weekend under lockdown

Miss Petite South Africa 2019 winner Zinnia Petersen,9, is happy to spend the Easter weekend at home in Kuils River.

Pickled fish, hot cross buns, Easter egg hunts and family gatherings are just some of the things people usually enjoy over the long Easter weekend.

But during the lockdown period – which President Cyril Ramaphosa yesterday extended until the end of April – some families are having to change the way they do things. The lockdown is being enforced to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Anthea Petersen of Kuils River said her daughter, Zinnia, 9 – who holds the title of Miss Petite South Africa  2019 – will still be enjoying an Easter egg hunt in their garden. 

But the family will not be going to church or visiting their friends and family as they usually do over the Easter weekend. 

When Ms Petersen spoke to Northern News on Thursday, said her pickled fish was ready and she would be heading out tomorrow for hot cross buns today.

“This weekend we won’t be heading out to church for Good Friday or Easter Sunday but we will definitely be talking about the Bible scriptures that remind us of this day or watching online church videos which is something we don’t normally do,” said Ms Petersen.

She added that she and Zinnia would be dropping off some pickled fish with two less fortunate families because “Miss Petite has a heart of giving”.

Zinnia said while it wouldn’t be much fun to do the egg hunt in her garden, she knew she had to obey the lockdown rules and encouraged other residents to do so too. 

“It’s sad that I cannot go to family but to be safe and escape from the virus we should follow the rules made by the government and adapt to healthy habits,” she said. 

Brackenfell resident, Reginald Brandt, 29, said he would be spending the Easter weekend with his mom whom he had “been stuck with” since the first day of lockdown. 

“We will probably have pickled fish and then sleep the weekend away, just like we’ve been doing since lockdown begun,” he said. 

But Cashwell Babers squatting on the pavement in Long Street said the Easter weekend would a sad occasion for them – not only because he could not afford pickled fish and Easter eggs but because the long weekend reminded them of the time they were evicted from the Sunset Village flats they once illegally occupied (Click here to read more)

“We cannot afford fish. There are only two of us working here and fish is so expensive,” he said. 

Mr Babers added that the children would not receive Easter eggs because parents have to prioritise basic needs over sugary treats. 

We would like to wish all Northern News readers a happy Easter. Stay safe and stay home. 

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