Durbanville woman surprised by intruder

Police have arrested two men after a woman was surprised by an intruder in her Durbanville home.

The woman was busy with chores, at around 11am on Wednesday, when a man jumped her inside her house as she went to answer the doorbell, police say.

“The man then grabbed her and she started to scream. The suspect took her handbag but left it behind as there were no valuable items in it,” said Durbanville police spokesman Captain Marchell Rhode.

The man fled without taking anything.

Police arrested two suspects found by security companies near the scene, and the woman identified one of them as the man who accosted her.

Police later found that the back door of the woman’s home had been forced open.

• On Monday January 17, at 9pm, two robbers invaded a Kameeldoring Street house in Greenville and held a woman and her visitors at gunpoint.

The intruders took the woman to the main bedroom where they threatened her with a gun and ordered her to open the safe.

When she could not produce the safe keys, the robbers tied her and her guests up and put them in the bathroom.

“The suspects took shoes, cellphones, a school bag as well as the house keys and fled the scene. No arrests have been made at this stage,” said Captain Rhode.