Dump site dismay

D Beelders, Vasco

It is not the flood risk dangers to the proposed Beaconvale dump site which has seen it hit a wobble, but, in fact the usual ongoing inept management of our illustrious City council (“Dump site plan hits a wobble”, Northern News, March 8,).

For many years, residents and council were embroiled in a battle over the controversial Tygerdal dump site.

Council eventually announced the ideal spot, Beaconvale, but then commenced a variety of dates for the site to be commissioned. The question is if, how, when and by whom was an environmental impact study done?

Due to the January 2015 study revelation (which was kept under wraps), it appears that the entire process will have to go back to the drawing board, at ratpepayers’ expense.

This dysfunctional, unacceptable fiasco is akin to the doughnut stadium in Green Point, which is costing ratepayers millions a year in maintenance alone.

Can any council representative inform us peasants how many “brilliant” ideas have been laid before council with regards to it becoming an asset?

In fact, let them not waste their time, council has not made any progress since the World Cup moved on to new pastures.