Dump plan requires ‘more than money’

Oranje Street in Tygerdal is a stone's throw away from the Tygerdal dump site.

Councillors say they’re prepared to draw on their ward funds to relocate the Tygerdal dump, but a City official told them at last week’s sub-council meeting it’s going to take more than money.

Earlier this year, Tygerdal resident James Calitz complained about noise at the dump and the damage heavy-duty trucks were doing to the road outside his Oranje Street home to reach it (“Tygerdal dump nowhere near closure,” Northern News, March 14 ).

He claimed he’d been told when he bought his house that the dump would soon be gone. But it’s still there, and that’s because the City’s plans to move it fell apart when it was found the proposed site at Beaconvale was threatened by flooding.

Trevor Carroll, the City’s manager for collections and drop-offs, found himself in the hot seat, at the Sub-council 4 meeting, over the time it was taking to solve the dump issue.

Ward 27 councillor Cecile Janse van Rensburg said she had had many complaints from residents, and she wanted to know when the facility would be moved.

But Mr Carroll said it was hard finding another site for the dump.

“Money is not a problem. I have been in charge of this department for the past eight years, and every time we find a piece of land, we find that neighbours either object or the land is either earmarked for housing.”

Mr Carroll said the City had 24 dumps in the metro that were all clean and secure.

“People see drop-off sites as negative. We cannot allow the community to dictate to us. At the moment, we cannot close the Tygerdal site even if mayor Patricia de Lille gave the green light for it to be closed. If we do, we will have the same problem that they are experiencing in Durbanville following the closure of the Morningstar drop-off facility.

“As soon, as we closed that site, illegal dumping occurred.

“You have my department’s assurance that we do need more drop-off sites in the area. We cannot build anything on a flood line. We can only do so if the City relaxes its restrictions when it comes to flood lines,” he said.

Sub-council 4 chairman Chris Jordaan said he had identified a piece of land off Halt Road near Elsies River and would be looking into it.

* Mr Jordaan said the City’s temporary desalination plant in Strandfontein was now pumping high-quality, treated desalinated water into the supply system, but it was still important to save water.

“Our most effective tool to keep Day Zero away is to continue to reduce our usage,” he said.

* Ward 25 councillor Beverley van Reenen presented eight young people from various neighbourhoods in her ward with certificates for completing a computer course last month.