Drunk driver assaults traffic officer

The Ghost Squad caught six people dumping rubble in Botfontein Road.

A drunk driver was chased down and arrested by the City’s Ghost Squad after she nearly collided with their vehicle in Kraaifontein on Wednesday January 25.

The driver refused to stop when the Ghost Squad tried to pull her over.

She then drove through several stop streets and red traffic lights as she tried to get away.

According to mayoral committee member for safety and security, JP Smith, when officers eventually forced her to a stop, they found that she was too drunk to provide a breath sample.

“At the police station, the woman asked to use the bathroom, and, while there, she assaulted a traffic officer by kicking and punching her.

“The woman was eventually restrained and had additional charges added to her docket.

“This is shocking behaviour, but, sadly, not uncommon. More and more, our staff are being targeted by law-breakers who have absolutely no regard for anything or anyone.

“We really won’t change behaviour until people start doing real jail time or until we can publicly name and shame these fools,” Mr Smith said.

On Monday January 23, the Ghost Squad caught six people dumping building rubble along Botfontein Road, in Kraaifontein.

The driver had his vehicle impounded and was fined R5 000 for dumping, R1 000 for driving an unlicensed motor vehicle and R1 000 for driving without a licence.

“These illegal dumpers obviously have deep pockets, because they cannot get their vehicles back until they have paid all related fines. On the plus side, a second impoundment will require a release fee of R10 000 and a third impoundment is a R15 000 release fee, so it becomes more difficult for repeat offenders,” Mr Smith said.

He appealed to the public to report illegal dumpers for whom it costs the City “a small fortune” to clean after.

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