Drug awareness workshop

Pupils from Watsonia Park Primary School in Scottsdene received certificates for taking part in an anti-drug and gangsterism life-skills programme.

The Independent Drug Education Agency (iDEA) hosted a week-long programme,”Life at the Cross Roads”, which warned of the dangers of drugs and gangs at Watsonia Park Primary School.

“We used interactive programmes to get the message across,” said iDEA co-founder, Denver Dreyer. 
The 34 pupils went on a field trip to the Lofdal Restoration Centre, run by Pastor Ulrich Strauss. They met people who told how they had suffered because of their encounters with drugs and gangsterism.

“We also shared a message of hope to these young learners and spoke about the importance of making right decisions,” he said. 

Call Mr Dreyer at 064 266 5728 to find out more about the programme.