DA romps through

The DA retained the Bergdal and Kuils River sub-councils as it romped home to an overwhelming win in Cape Town in last week’s local government poll.

But the blue wave was held back at several strong ANC enclaves across Cape Town, and Ward 6 was one such place where the black, green and gold proved too tough to topple. Simphiwe Nonkeyizana stays put as ANC councillor in his party’s stronghold, Wallacedene, where he scooped 12 853 votes (61.77 percent and up from 57.28 percent in the 2011 municipal elections), followed by the DA’s 5 085 (24.44 percent and down from 38.05 percent in 2011) and an independent candidate’s 1 138 (5.47 percent).

The EFF and African Independent Congress (AIC) followed with 4.9 percent and 1.19 percent support. The rest of the parties didn’t get to the 1 percent threshold.

In Ward 7, sub-council chairman and Ward 7 councillor Grant Twigg retained his seat after 18 913 residents voted for the DA, while 1 361 voted for the ANC and 410 for the EFF.

The DA swept 87.43 percent of the votes in Ward 7, up from 81.76 percent in 2011. The ANC came second with 6.29 percent. The ANC has seen a steady decline in this ward – it polled 12.32 percent in 2011 and 23.73 percent in 2006.

The EFF took 1.9 percent and the ACDP 1.84 percent. Other parties scored under 1 percent.

In Ward 8, the DA’s Marian Niewoudt bagged 93.65 percent of the vote, a slight drop from 94.25 in 2011. The veteran councillor goes into her fifth term in Sub-council 2.

She is followed by the ANC’s 1.98 percent and the Freedom Front Plus’s 1.46 percent. The ANC’s support in the ward has continued to drop from 10.54 percent in 2000; 4.31 percent in 2006 and 3.35 percent in 2011. TheFF+’s support climbed to 1.56 from 0.65 percent in 2011. Its support in the ward had peaked at 2.3 percent in 2006.

DA Ward 111 councillor Brenda Hansen saw off the ANC’s Bradley Muller with a 79.98 percent win – a big jump from the 51.66 percent polled in 2011. The ANC’s support slumped from 45.5 percent in 2011 to 14.32 percent in this election. The ACDP managed 1.89 percent, tailed by the EFF at 1.75 percent.

ANC Ward 101 councillor Luyanda Mbele rode in on an 83.9 percent landslide, followed by the DA with 8.85 percent, the EFF with 4.71 percent and the AIC with 1.02 percent. Mr Mbele was voted onto Sub-council 7 in a December by-election in Bloekombos.

In Ward 11, the DA’s new candidate, Desiree Visagie, who replaced retired Jacob Jacobs, thrashed her opponents with an 87.37 percent win, followed by the ANC with 5.76 percent, the ACDP with 2.38 percent, the EFF with 1.77 percent and the FF+ with 1 percent. The DA support remained stable compared to 2011, but the ANC dropped considerably from the 19.59 percent it polled that year.

In Ward 14, the DA’s Roelf Marais cleaned up with a resounding 80.38 percent win, up from the 76.24 percent it polled in 2011.

The ANC came in with 12.8 percent, down from 17.32 percent of the support in 2011; 26.31 percent in 2006 and 3.11 percent in 2000. The EFF scored 2.37 percent.

The new DA Ward 17 councillor, Sharlaine Oerson, cruised home with 85.17 percent, up from 80.27 percent in 2011. The ANC followed with 6.76 percent, down from 12.31 percent in 2011. The ACDP came in with 1.74 percent, followed by the EFF with 1.59 percent.

In Ward 19, DA debutant councillor Ricardo Saralina managed 67.17 percent, followed by 4.36 percent for the EFF and 1.47 percent for the ACDP. In 2011, the DA won 61.28 percent tailed by the ANC with 34.01 percent.

The ANC retained Ward 108 with Rhoda Bazier as the new councillor with 60.2 percent. But the party’s support has nosedived from the 93.16 percent it enjoyed in 2011. The DA clinched 30.39 percent, while the EFF got 6 percent of the votes in this new ward.

DA Speaker in Sub-council 2, Mr Twigg, said he was happy about the voter turnout and the results in the broader Kraaifontein and Brackenfell area. He said he had also noted that, despite failing to clinch Wallacedene, an ANC stronghold, the DA’s support had grown there.