DA dominates Sub-council 2, despite dip in support

Sub-council-2 will continue to be dominated by the DA following the municipal elections on Monday November 1.

The DA has retained its four wards in the Bergdal Sub-council 2, despite flagging support in its blue bastions and failing to dislodge the ANC from its traditional strongholds in Wallacedene and Bloekombos.

Three of the DA’s veteran councillors saw slumps in support but they still held on to their wards with over 70% of the votes.

Data from the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) shows the DA continues to reign in historically coloured and white communities in Scottsville, Scottsdene, Brackenfell and Peerless Park, among others, while the ANC clings to the black vote in Wallacedene and Bloekombos.

The DA’s veteran Ward 7 councillor, Grant Twigg, won his ward comfortably, clinching all six of its voting districts.

Ward 7 councillor Grant Twigg

The DA took the ward with 73.83%, down from 87% in 2016, followed by the Patriotic Alliance (PA) with 6.98%, and the ANC with 4.47%, down from 6.29% in 2016.

Noting the low voter turnout (47%, down from 64%, for the metro and 49%, down from 68%, in Ward 7), Mr Twigg said: “With all the problems related to this election – people not being allowed to vote, falling off the voters roll, the weather, people being moved to other voting stations, for example, Ruwari voters being moved to vote at Northpine – I’m happy with the outcome.”

Mr Twigg said his flagship project during his new term would be the replacement of water pipes in Kraaifontein to stop water outages and leaks. He committed to completing the project before the end of 2022.

Another DA enclave, Ward 8, was won resoundingly by Marian Nieuwoudt. The DA won the ward with 84%, down from 93.65% in 2016.

Ward 8 councillor Marian Nieuwoudt

Here the Freedom Front Plus (FF+) saw a slight increase from 1.46% in 2016 to 5.64%, this year. The ANC polled 2.15%, up from 1.98% in 2016.

Ms Nieuwoudt said the Rouxville “biopark”, to run along Voortrekker Road, would be one of her priority projects during her new term.

DA councillor Rhynhardt Bresler returns to Ward 102, after the DA won with 83.58%, followed by the FF+ with 5.79% and the ACDP with 2.1%.

Ward 102 councillor Rhynhardt Bresler

Ward 102 includes Joostenberg Vlakte, Buh-Rein, Peerless Park North, Windsor Park Estate, Zonnendal, Bonnie Brae, Zoo Park, Windsor Park, Cape Gate, De Tuin, Marlborough Park, Welgelee and Brackenfell North.

“I will drive the upgrade of the stormwater system for the Windsor Park and Peerless Park North in Kraaifontein to address the continued flooding problems in the area,” Mr Bresler said. “And the extension of the R300 up into Wellington Road, Durbanville, and the widening of the N1. This includes the upgrade of the Brackenfell Boulevard and Brighton Road bridges. This is to address the congestion of the traffic in Kraaifontein and Brackenfell.”

Mr Bresler promised to push for a new police station in Kraaifontein North and he said he would like to establish a retirement home behind the Kraaifontein municipal building before his new term ended.

Brenda Hansen, who doubled as sub-council chair this term, returns as Ward 111 councillor, after the DA won the ward with 74%, down from 79%, followed by the PA with 8.87% and the FF+ with 3.38%.

Ward 111 councillor Brenda Hansen (left) poses with resident Mary Atkins.

But it was a close call for her at the Scottsville High School voting district, a known gang territory, where support for the DA slumped to 54%, followed by the PA with 28% and the Cape Coloured Congress with 4%.

Ms Hansen said she wanted to see the replacement of water pipes in her ward and generally improve the lives of her constituents.

ANC councillor Siyabonga Duka retained Ward 101 while his Wallacedene comrade, Siviwe Nodliwa, took charge of Ward 6.