Curro Durbanville makes history with matric results

Curro Durbanville’s Class of 2021 raise their hands in celebration after receiving their matric certificates at the school located near Groot Phesantekraal on Wednesday January 19. Photo: Keanan Harmse

Each one of Curro Durbanville’s Class of 2021 can look forward to pursuing their future careers at the university of their choice after the group celebrated a 100% matric pass rate.

Last year’s matrics also made history after achieving some of their best results, which includes 16 A aggregates and 177 subject A aggregates.

More noteworthy performances by Curro’s Class of 2021 include: 36 B aggregates, a 70.18% grade average, 177 subject A aggregates, 191 subject B aggregates and 151 subject C aggregates.

On the day, head of Curro Durbanville High School, Riaan Stroebel, addressed last year’s matrics and highlighted the great improvements that their students made in their results while praising the incredible progress made in some students grade aggregates.

“This year, the number of candidates achieving a 60% aggregate and above is 85.11% which is an incredible statistic and almost six percent higher than almost any other year before. Last year we also had 148 A averages and this year we are very proud to say we have 177 subject A averages,” he said.

This year Curro’s top five performers were: Joshua Cupido (six distinctions, IEB top 1% History), Leeanne Gietzmann (six distinctions, IEB top 1% Mathematics), Tiffany Gietzmann (seven distinctions, IEB top 1% Computer Applications Technology, Engineering Graphics and Design), Emma Beckley (seven distinctions, IEB top 1% Life Orientation) and Cara du Plessis (six distinctions, IEB top 1% Engineering Graphics and Design).

On the day Northern News spoke to Curro’s top matric student, Tiffany Gietzmann, to uncover what plans she has in store for this year as well as the sacrifices and study routines she had to endure to reap her rewards.

When asked what she thought was the winning recipe when it came to achieving the marks she worked for, she said: “Make sure you study ahead of time and the best method that worked for me was to go through all the past papers because then you’ll get a good idea of what to expect.”

One of the challenges she experienced during her studies was learning with the online school as well as the transition from working online to being back at school.

“I think the best thing to do with the online school was to be disciplined and to make sure that you’re there on time, you’re paying attention when you’re at home,” she said.

She’s also very ecstatic with the marks that she achieved for physics and maths as she’s looking forward to studying engineering.

“There was also an improvement in my physics mark because last year I got 80% in the prelims and this year I got 85%. I’ve always wanted to do engineering but now I’ve decided to pursue mechatronics engineering at Stellenbosch University,” she said.