Crowbar gang ransacks home


An Oak Glen family are in shock after their home was ransacked in broad daylight, during a brazen crowbar-gang style burglary.

When Gayle Grange’s grandmother returned home on Tuesday April 5, she noticed the back door was open and went to take a closer look.

“They broke the door and the two security gates. We believe they gained access by using a crowbar, which was left on my parents’ bed,” said Ms Grange.

The family is originally from Gauteng but have been living in Cape Town for several years. They moved to Oak Glen in 2008.

“My grandmother phoned my mother in tears to tell her what happened.

“We unfortunately do not have an alarm system. This is the very first time we have ever been robbed,” said Ms Grange.

The incident took place at around 10.30am. “Fortunately, no one was home at the time of the incident. They turned our house upside down and went through all the cupboards, throwing all our clothes on the floor.”

Arno Barnard of Oakdale Watch says most burglaries happen during the day when no one is home.

“It is important that residents join their local safety groups to report suspicious activities and keep residents informed of incidents that have taken place. People need to be more vigilant and aware of crimes taking place in their community,” he said.

Several items were stolen during the burglary at the Granges’ home, including two televisions, a wi-fi router, a surround-sound system, jewellery, clothes and shoes.

Ms Grange said the burglary had taken its toll on the family.

“I was shaken by the incident and worried about my grandmother who was the one to discover that we had been robbed.

“My family is trying to work through it,” she said.

Bellville police spokeswoman Major Fienie Nimb said the burlgars were still at large.

“The front door and security gate was forced open,” she said.