CPF red flags illegal taxi ranks

Brackenfell CPF says it has had complaints about illegal taxi ranks in the area.

Illegal taxi ranks came under the spotlight at the Brackenfell Community Police Forum meeting on Thursday night June 24.

CPF chairman Werner Venter said he had received complaints about illegal ranks in Botfontein, Bottelary and Old Paarl roads.

Traffic inspectorate area head Arno Schronen said: “Taxis remain a problem in Brackenfell as well as all over the city where taxis operate.”

Traffic officers had issued 109 fines to taxis and impounded 18 of them in the Brackenfell area in May, and roadblocks were being planned to curb illegal ranks and unlicensed taxis, he said.

Officers were sent daily to remove the illegally parked taxis. “As soon as we move away, they come back again,” he said.

“Long-term, the way to go is to look at the need for public transport routes. That includes taxis and buses and other forms of transport,” Mr Schronen said. “There has been a meeting with the sub-council to look at the way forward and see how planning can tie in with the needs of the public and enforcement needs. That is an ongoing challenge.”

Meanwhile, Mr Werner said the Department of Community Safety had notified him that the Brackenfell police would not be getting extra manpower. The station had, on average, two vehicles a shift, he said.

City law enforcement inspector Peter Lourens said they too had vehicle and staff shortages, although he was hopeful that more staff appointments would be made from the beginning of July.