Covid rules must still be followed

Dr Nosi Kalawe demonstrates proper hand-washing techniques

Despite lockdown restrictions easing, Covid-19 hasn’t gone anywhere, and health professionals are warning the public to continue with stringent hand-washing, wearing masks, sanitising surfaces and physical distancing.

Dr Nosi Kalawe, from the Northern Tygerberg Covid-19 response team, says regular hand washing is vital.

“If you suspect that you have been infected, you should quarantine as soon as possible. It is also important that we avoid possible super-spreader settings, such as crowded places, confined spaces, and close contact with others.”

Soap was the most effective way of killing the virus, she said. She warned that gloves could give a false sense of security.

“We need to keep our hands clean before and after using gloves, as gloves can develop holes. Be mindful of what you touch while wearing gloves. It may give you a false sense of security. If there is a need to wear gloves, then hands must be washed thereafter, and the gloves themselves require frequent changing depending on what was touched. You should continue sanitising your hands when wearing gloves.”

The public should be even more careful about washing their hands and sanitising, she said, when using the toilet; preparing and eating food; caring for the sick and touching frequently used public surfaces such as door handles, ATM keypads and taxi seats.

Facilities remain available for those who need to self-isolate but can’t do so at home.

Leilah Najjaar, deputy director of the provincial Department of Health’s professional support services, said people should contact the department to make arrangements.

Call 021 815 8889 or 021 815 8892 or email or