Covid closes Kuils River police station

The Kuils River police station shut down for a day of decontamination after one of its members tested positive for Covid-19.

A civic group is outraged that the Kuils River police station closed for a day this week after a single police officer was diagnosed with Covid-19.

They say it is not the first time the station has been closed because of Covid.

In a notice published this week, the Kuils River police announced it would be out of service due to a single police member being diagnosed with Covid-19 on Tuesday August 17.

Kuils River station commander Colonel JT Naidoo said: “It didn’t take long for the decontamination process to be done.”

When Northern News pressed him for further answers, he said he had been stationed in Delft since the incident.

The station’s charge office operated from the Kuils River City Improvement District premises on Tuesday, and the public were advised to phone 10111 for emergencies.

The Kuils River Civic Association (KCRA) was not pleased that decontamination could not happen without shutting a vital community institution.

KCRA president Isaac Jenecke: “It allegedly has been closed for the same reason a few times this past year. They redirect residents to the (CID buiding). Questions arise: What if the station’s building needs to be upgraded (in future)? What about the safety of the residents?”