Court staff arrange ‘day to remember’

The happy couple, Rachel and Josiah de Beer.
After a quarter of a century, Rachel Hendricks, 59, and Josiah de Beer, 58, tied the knot… with the help of Goodwood court officials.
The couple are now officially Mr and Mrs De Beer, all thanks to the civil section of Goodwood Magistrate’s Court.

According to clerk of the court, Agnus Valentine, the couple were sorting out some family business at the court when the clerk processing their forms noticed they had been together for 25 years, but their marriage status was still listed as “single”.

“Asked why they never got married they replied that they would love to get married one day.”
The clerk asked the couple if the magistrate coud arrange for them to get married and they excitedly agreed.

“We had been wanting to do something for Mandela Day, but our boss died and there was a memorial service instead. Then we met the De Beers and decided to organise a wedding for them,” said Ms Valentine.

A few weeks later, the court staff organised a magistrate to officiate at the ceremony on Wednesday November 20. They decorated their offices, got refreshments, a wedding cake and sparkling (non-alcoholic) wine.

“It might not have been as fancyas what the story books or Top Billing make us believe, but it was a day to remember for this couple. We see so many criminals and always expect bad news so we wanted to do something good,” said Ms Valentine.

Ms De Beer said they were thrilled with how their court wedding turned out. It was the second time the staff tried. The first was on Friday November 15 but she could not find their papers.     

“I was crying that day because we were supposed to get married,” she said.

Then Ms Valentine phoned to tell them everything had been organised for Wednesday November 20.