Couple celebrates diamond anniversary

Goodwood residents Herbert and Gloria James celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last week.

The couple met in 1955 when Mr James, or Herby as he is known, went to the take-away which was in eye shot of where Gloria Dante was working in the stationery department at CTC Bazaar.

Ms James remembers the dashing young man in his black uniform from his work as a customs officer at Cape Town Docks.

He came at the right time as she had just been promoted from the cake counter. The next day, he popped into the store again, and went to ask his cousin, May Wileman, who was in the basement, what her name was.

“When he came the next day he said: ‘Hello my name is Herbert’”.

A day later he arrived again, dressed in a suit with his brother Ronnie in tow to meet the young woman who had caught his eye.

“We started dating the following week. He posted a letter to me asking me to go steady with him – that was 22 May 1955. We went out for a year then got engaged.”

The couple had five children: Anthony, Caron, Teresa, Yolanda and Melanie. They also have eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

“We are so blessed with our wonderful family and my amazing husband for whom I have tons of love,” said Ms James.

The couple now live in Goodwood but spent many years in Maitland where they raised their family.

“Marriage is a two way street and if you hope to weather the challenges of 60 years you must be prepared to give and take.

“Respect is the number one rule and communication is very important. If you and your partner have these, you can’t go wrong,” is Ms James’ advice.