Councillors debate service delivery issues

The Sub-council 4 meeting at Parow civic centre.
Residents of council housing are having to wait too long when they need a repair done, a Parow sub-council meeting heard last week. 

The City was not logging complaints about broken windows and pipes and other faults and breakages at its rental stock fast enough, ward councillors told the Sub-council 4 meeting at Parow civic centre, on Thursday January 24.
One of the gripes councillors discussed at Sub-council 4’s monthly meeting was infrastructure problems at rental stock within Sub-council 4 which were not being logged fast enough by the City.

Ward 26 councillor Franchesca Walker said  on Thursday January 24 that she she could not could not be the “point of call” when residents, especially those in impoverished Leonsdale, needed to log such complaints. Ward 25 councillor Beverley van Reenen accused the City of handling the complaints too slowly.
Broken windows and pipes were some of the issues raised by those living at council rental stock.

Sub-council 4 chairman Chris Jordaan agreed and said he experienced saw the same delays in Ward 28. The matter would be raised with City officials at a meeting held on Friday January 25, he added.

Ward 27 councillor Cecile Janse van Rensburg said the R200 000 Goodwood sports club upgrade was well under way. She added that And the R19 025 Goodwood civic upgrade was progressing well and that they were waiting for the installation of a podium at the facility. The R100 000 Rohm Street park upgrade which was tabled last year was nearing completion. City officials from the City told the meeting they had had to “reduce the number of benches” at the park to make budget.

Councillors also gave the greenlight for the proposal to lease a portion of City land being a portion of ERF 10040 to the adjacent  Renish Church for security purposes. (The piece of land will be taken care of by the church. Residents will no longer be able to dump on the land. The church will police it.)
Councillor Walker said the leasing of the land wouldn’t cost the church a lot of money. 

“Dumping usually occurs on that portion of land. If the City could allow other churches to do this, it would reduce dumping and anti-social behaviour across the metropole,” Ms Janse van Rensburg said.

Ward councillors also approved o gave the greenlight for speed humps to be implemented along Victoria Street in Richmond as well as along Van Riebeeck Street. 

Members of Sub-council 4 will meet again on Thursday February 21.