Cops warn of robbers in Kraaifontein

Robberies in Kraaifontein remain high, and people aged 18 to 35, walking alone to or from work, early in the morning or late at night are most at risk, warn police.

Kraaifontein station commander Brigadier Gerda van Niekerk said robbers were mostly after money and cellphones.

She urged residents to stay safe by: walking in groups in well-lit, busy areas; not talking to strangers; staying alert for strange cars or people; concealing cellphones and valuables; and not carrying large sums of cash.

“In return, we will focus our efforts and measures on the specific areas and times when these robberies are most likely to occur by deploying our visible patrols,” she said.

The police also advise residents using ATMs to always cover the ATM keypad when keying in a PIN code and refuse help from “helpful” strangers.

Women should also keep their handbags zipped and on them at all times and men should keep their wallets in an inside pocket, never the rear pocket of their trousers.

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