Cops warn of increased muggings, theft from cars

Parow police have warned of a rise in thefts from cars and muggings.

Spokesman Captain Kevin Williams says criminals are commuting from Ravensmead, Elsies River and Delft by taxi to commit crimes in and around the Parow CBD.

Hot spots for thefts from cars are Voortrekker Road, Wynne Street and Tallent Street.

Captain Williams said motorists should be alert when locking their cars and not leave valuables in them.

“I want to urge them to try their best to park in areas that are lit and to activate their alarms while standing in front of their cars to prevent criminals from using car-jamming devices to break into their cars.”

Muggings are a problem along Voortrekker and Station roads near Hungry Lion and the post office.

“The perpetrators are usually unemployed youth who work in groupings of two to five people and use knives and toy guns to intimidate and rob their victims,” said Captain Williams.

The public should be vigilant during peak times from 5.30am to 9am and from 5.30pm to 9pm.

* A man was robbed of his bag at gunpoint and hit on the head with a blunt object on Parow’s Jan van Riebeeck bridge.

He was walking home at 3.30pm on Saturday February 3 when a woman asked him for a cigarette.

“The victim continued to walk on but was startled after hearing the woman screaming that he was trying to rob her,” said Captain Williams

“Two men approached him and swore at him. One of the suspects took out a weapon that resembled a firearm. He cocked the firearm twice while the other man stood with a lock and chain in his hand.

“At this point, the victim tried to fight back but was hit over the head with a blunt object.”

The muggers rode off on a bicycle towards Elsies River, but their victim saw three people fitting their description on the same bridge three days later.

“Parow police vans were patrolling the area and the victim flagged down the car and told them what had happened to him. Police officers then arrested the suspects and they were charged with pointing a firearm at the victim as well as robbery,” Captain Williams said.

The suspects, aged 27, 30 and 32, appeared in the Goodwood Magistrate’s Court later that week.