Cops search for jewellery heist thieves

Police are looking for any information regarding the jewellery-store heist at Tyger Valley shopping centre.
The brazen robbery took place just before the shop was closing on Wednesday August 7 and shots were fired during the incident yet no injuries were reported.  

Bellville police spokesman, Captain Johnathan Blankenberg, said: “At about 6.45pm, the owner of the store was busy closing up when 6 males approached the shop. A witness in the shop drew a firearm, and the robbers fled. One of the robbers turned around to fire a shot while escaping.  

They fled with away in a hijacked vehicle that was found abandoned at Stock Road turnoff on the R300. The vehicle has been impounded at Bellville South SAPS.” 
The recent robbery follows a long list of robberies that occurred not only in Tyger Valley but also in the Bellville CBD area. 
“We have had too many of these types of incidents, and from what we have gathered, it is mostly jewellery stores and outlets that sell high-end electronic appliances,” Captain Blankenberg said.

“We are busy investigating the matter as it is a high priority for us, and we are committed to catching these thieves and making it safe for residents again.”

Tyger Valley shopping centre spokesperson, Ashleigh Fontini, said in a statement that the mall was committed to keeping its customers safe.