Cops issue warning

There has been an increase in muggings and burglaries in Kuils River, say police. Nooiensfontein Road, Van Riebeeck Road and the Kuils River railway station are hot spots for muggings, according to Sergeant Liesel Beukes, with most happening on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, from 6am to 8am and from 3pm to around 6pm.

“The times show that robberies take place when children and parents are on their way to school and to work, and when they return from school and work,” she said.

In most cases, perpetrators threatened the victims – with a knife or gun – or simply grabbed their valuables, she said.

She added that the use of remote-jamming devices in the CBD and at malls was also on the rise.

Thieves use these devices to stop motorists locking their cars remotely.

She advised motorists to physically check their car doors were locked and car alarms armed.

Safety hints for pedestrians:

* Plan your route beforehand.

* Never stop strangers to ask for directions.

* It is better to explore in groups.

* Stick to well-lit, busy streets.

* If you find yourself alone, try to refer to yourself as part of a group.

* Avoid wearing expensive jewellery, or flashing cameras and cellphones and other valuables on your person.

* Avoid carrying large sums of money around.

Tips to avoid house robberies and hijackings

* Check you’re not being followed.

* Don’t open your door or gate to strangers.

* Lock all doors and windows before going to bed.

Safety at home:

* Know all emergency numbers such as SAPS emergency numbers 10111

SAPS Crime Stop 086 0010 111

The SA Police Service website is

* Keep your cellphone in the bedroom.

* Never leave keys in a gate or lock.

* Change locks on outside doors should you move into a new home.

* Make provision for good outside lighting

* Remember, outside lights that are on during the day draw the attention of thieves.

* Post left in the gate is a sign that nobody is home.

* Close curtain after dark so criminals can’t see inside your home.

* Do not leave ladders, spades and other gardening equipment lying around.