Cops issue gun licence reminder

The Brackenfell police have issued a reminder to all licensed firearm holders to apply for the renewal of their license at least 90 days before the expiry date.

“The safeguarding of firearms is extremely important and it is imperative that all licensed firearm holders adhere to the instructions as stipulated in the Firearms Control Act, Act 60/2000,” said Warrant Officer Erica Crous.

All renewal applications must be handed in at your local police station at the office of the designated firearms officer. Firearm holders will, however, not able apply to apply for a renewal if their license has expired.

Warrant Officer Crous said firearm holders must ensure that their firearms are kept safely at all times.

“The firearm must always be under your direct control, or must be locked away in a prescribed firearm safe. This means that the firearm must be kept in a safe at all times, when it is not carried with you,” Warrant Officer Crous said.

The minimum requirements with which firearms safes must comply can be obtained from the SABS or the relevant designated officer. Holders can be criminally charged and declared unfit to posses a firearm, if their firearm was lost or stolen due to negligence.

“Only a person who already has a firearm license may hold another person’s firearm in safekeeping. They must have written permission from the person in possession of a license, permit or authorisation for the specific firearm,” explained Warrant Officer Crous.