Consumer protection

David Nel, Stellenberg

It was with interest that I read your article (“Customer pays dearly for ‘misreading’ price,” Northen News, January 12) and the conclusion from the Consumer Protector’s Office that the woman who bought the dress had basically no protection for making a mistake on the price of the dress.

This contradicts the information the Consumer Protector’s Office gave me on a previous occasion.

I went to buy meat at a well-known butchery in Bellville. The meat on display was marked with a label pinned to the meat displaying the price per kilogram for the individual cuts. I saw that the pork loin was priced at R69.99 a kilogram. I bought about 5kg and asked to have it cut up.

After paying for the meat and various other items, I noticed that the meat was charged at R89.99. I immediately drew their attention to the fact that the meat was labelled and displayed at a cost of R69.99.

They just said that they made a mistake when labelling the meat. I insisted on speaking to the owner, who also refused to budge.

I then phoned the CPO who actually sided with the butchery and told me I had no case and that it was an honest mistake on the part of the butchery.

Now if that is not inconsistency at its best, then the name CPO is a misnomer.