Cecile Janse Van Rensburg, Ward 27 councillor

Congratulations, Northern News – 20 years of delivering community news to Goodwood and Parow is indeed worth celebrating.

In a day and age when people can choose from multiple types of media, the issue of trust is very relevant. I believe our community newspapers, such as Northern News, have earned the trust of their readers over the years. Many residents continue to rely on community newspapers to inform and often educate them on issues that affect their daily lives. Community newspapers are the ideal platform for collaboration between the journalist and the community. Articles typically published by the community papers are so intricately linked to the community that close collaboration between the journalist and community members ensures that the community’s voice carries through in every article. I welcome this, as it is important to me as a ward councillor that every opportunity to inform the community should be respected and nurtured. It also places a responsibility on the community members, whether they are working or living in a given community, to express their opinions.

I am glad that I have had a positive working relationship with Northern News thus far and hope that we will continue to work together in future.