Concern over Vasco squatters

Shelters line a Vibracrete wall on the open land on Vasco Boulevard.
Goodwood Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association is appealing for something to be done about the increasing number of shacks in Vasco Boulevard. 

In an email to City officials on Saturday December 28, chairperson Faizel Petersen warns that some of the people are known for criminal and drug activity in the area. He says these people have homes to go to, however, they choose to live this way.

The structures are on vacant land between Merriman and Versfeld roads. Mr Petersen says he recently counted 11 shacks. The dirt and faecal excrement is disgusting, he says.

Cindi Lategan of HE Solutions across Vasco Boulevard from the vacant land says the number of vagrants has increased in the past year. They have witnessed fighting, physical abuse of the women, vulgar language, ablutions and burning of copper wire.

The company sent a letter to law enforcement in November, says Ms Lategan. They say law enforcement responds quickly to their calls but only gives a warning to the vagrants. Three days later a truck will arrive to remove the rubble and shelters but the vagrants return later.

Joe Daniels, finance assessor for MVO Consulting, another business located across the road from the vacant land, says people have been living there on and off for many years. Law enforcement moves them and they stay away for a week or months and then return, he says. It impacts what their clients see, he says.