Complaints over problem property

Locks broken off at the outside toilets of the hall.

A problem property at 103 Nelson Street in Goodwood continues to dog sub-council discussions.

At the Sub-council 4 monthly meeting on Friday August 18, Brian Lawson chairman of the Goodwood Ratepayers’ Association, said he was at his wits’ end with the property after receiving hundreds of complaints from residents over the past four years (“Nelson Street ‘problem’ persists,” Northern News, April 5).

Sub-council chair and Ward 28 councillor Chris Jordaan said he would ask the City’s law enforcement to visit to the house, but Mr Lawson was not impressed saying it was “not good enough”.

The property has become a blight on the community in recent years due to vandalism, dumping and the owner not taking responsibility for it.

A business-licence application for Dancing Raves nightclub, at 44 Voortrekker Road in Goodwood, was tabled at the meeting.

Ward 27 councillor Cecile Janse van Rensburg declined the application, citing an incomplete “police clearance report” as a concern.

Fellow councillors agreed with her decision. She said a noise-impact assessment was also missing from the supporting documentation.

Ms Janse van Rensburg supported the motion for the renewal of liquor trading days from 6pm until 8pm from Monday to Saturday at Harrington Liquors in Goodwood.

She also supported the the application for the renewal of the extension of liquor trading hours from 11am until 6pm on Sundays at the same liquor outlet.

The matter of a proposed lease of City land, which is a portion of erven 7393-7409, for the Goodwood Magistrate’s Court also came up when Ward 25 councillor Beverley van Reenen noted an error in the revaluation report, which read: “Goodwood and Erf 275 Mamre”.

“We are dealing with Goodwood and not Mamre. This item needs to be referred back to the assets and facilities management directorate for correction and then can be referred back to this sub-council,” she said.

Earlier, bright sparks from the Leonsdale Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre in Elsies River opened the sub-council meeting with informative water saving tips, and Mr Jordaan started his chairman’s report by

praising the role of women in our society in light of August being Women’s Month.

“We must do more to empower women. Women can do exactly what their male counterparts can do and sometimes even better. I want to give women a round of applause for the role they play in our communities,” he said.

In July, 2 726 service requests were generated by Sub-council 4 through the call centre and the sub-council office. Close to 2 3 82 were closed; 164 remain outstanding and 180 are being processed.

City traffic officer Maxine Bezuidenhout delivered June’s traffic-enforcement report, and noted that traffic services were planning

to replace monthly reports with quarterly ones.

According to the report, 803 speeding fines were issued; 422 vehicle fitness transgressions were observed and 228 moving violations were observed in Goodwood in June.

Sub-council 4 will meet again on Thursday September 21, at 10am.