Commuter killed by rock thrown at moving train

Don’t sit near the windows. That’s the message Metrorail has for rail passengers after a 19-year-old woman was killed by a rock thrown at the train she was travelling in.

The woman died sitting in a train en route to Bellville on Saturday March 4, at about 5pm.

Metrorail have also warned commuters to make sure the train doors are closed properly.

Bellville police spokeswoman Henrietta van Niekerk said the woman had been carried off the train at Bellville station. She died on the platform.

Metrorail spokeswoman Riana Scott said their internal investigation did not reveal any additional information and they were calling on witnesses to contact the police with information.

“The stoning of cars, buses and trains is often protest related. Other incidents are random and sporadic, but more prevalent near informal settlements. It is difficult to proactively prevent these type of incidents,” said Ms Scott.

Warrant Officer Van Niekerk said police had opened an inquest docket but the case had been transferred to Kleinvlei police.

Bellville police officers arrested two men on charges of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition and possession of drugs, on Saturday March 4, at about 11.30pm.

Warrant Officer Gawie Hawkins and Sergeant Johnay Fielies were patrolling in Voortrekker Road, when they noticed a suspicious blue Nissan Sentra, in front of the Bellville civic centre.

“Both men appeared to be nervous and did not look in the direction of the officers,” said Warrant Officer Van Niekerk.

The car was pulled over, and the officers found R1 600 on one of the passengers.

After further inspection, the officers found nine mandrax tablets on the man. They also found a 9mm pistol in the car.

Warrant Officer Van Niekerk said the pistol was already loaded.

Both men, aged 27 and 32, are from Wesbank.