Community was not consulted

Fred Jochems, Northpine

“Housing Boom for ‘Kuila’,” Northern News, March 14, refers.

In a community meeting in the Northpine Civic Hall on Monday March 16 the issue of the Okavango Boulevard extension was raised.

Alderman Twigg, being the councillor for the ward, informed the meeting that he had no knowledge of the proposed road extension.

His advice was that it was best to contact the newspaper responsible for the article.

Our expectation was that he would have offered to pursue the matter, as Stuart Diamond, Mayco member for assets and facilities management, features prominently in it. As residents of Northpine, it is worrisome that the extension has been planned, and we have not been consulted.

In the past a similar proposal was considered and the community of Northpine opposed it as some homeowners would have been uprooted.

Another consideration was the need for a high school in the area and the road would have impacted on that too.

As a matter of urgency, the City of Cape Town has to inform Northpine residents if the extension of Okavango Boulevard will take place.

Northern News requested a response to the letter from the City of Cape Town on Tuesday June 19. No response was sent before the paper went to print.